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How to use our Packs


1. If you have installed Winzip on your PC, zip files will look like this zip     or this. zip

2. To extract the zip file, double click on it.  A " WinZip Panel " will appear.

3. From the toolbar select "Actions".  From the pull down menu choose "Select All".  Click "Extract".  An "Extract" panel will appear.

4. On the " Extract panel " use the Toolbar arrow or the Slide bar to choose the directory where the files will be extracted to.

5. Click the "Extract" button to expand the files.  Close Winzip.  The decompressed files are now located in the directory you chose in step 4 above.


next you will see a html file eg yourdrumandbasspack.html open it and you will see the download links on the page.



  1. Right click on the hyperlink.

    A menu will appear. Depending on your browser and browser version, the options will vary.

  2. The option to select will say something like one of the following:
    • Save Target As
    • Save Link As
    • Save Link Target As
    • Download Linked File As

    Below are some examples of what you might see:

    Internet Explorer 6         Firefox 1.0         Netscape 7

  3. Select a save location and click OK.

    A pop up message will tell you when the download is complete.


Extracting the winrar samplepacks:

First download the winrar program from or winzip (reccomended) then

To extract files from a compressed format, right click on the file and select Extract files... or Extract Here or Extract to filename (shown). Extract files... lets you choose where the extracted files will be saved. Extract Here puts the files in the same directory as the compressed file. Extract to filename creates a folder with filename in the current folder and puts the extracted files there.


You can also go to Start | All Programs | Utilities | WinRAR, then use the file browser to locate the compressed file or folder. Select the files or folders that need to be extracted and continue as above.

If you select Extract files..., the Extraction path and options dialogue box (shown) opens. Select the folder to save in and set the Update and Overwrite modes. Click OK.

How to extract Zip files in Windows:

First thing , download the winzip software from

Once downloaded install the winzip  software:
extract the files using our tutorial

Save the downloaded zip file to the hard drive.
Right click on the file and select "extract all". This will open an extraction wizard.
Click "next" and then choose location to extract the files to. (Most choose Program Files on C drive.)
Choose the option to "Make a new folder". (Most make folder name " [FONT NAME]")
Then click "ok", now the directory should point to "C:Program [FONT NAME]".
Now click "next" and the extraction process should begin.
Make sure that the "Show Extracted Files" option is checked.
When it is complete hit "Finish".

Thats It!!!


How to import .wav into reason ?

See our Video tutorial Here

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